Private Consultations


We start by investigating your diet using dietary analysis. A personal food diary is recorded by you over 5 days. We will then invite you in for you initial consultation lasting 1.5hrs taking some anthropometric measurements using our Tanita BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) machine and stadiometer (height).

Using this equipment we are able to analyse your body fat %, basal metabolic rate (minimum calories required before daily activities),  BMI (body mass index kg/m2), bone mass, hydration levels, internal age, muscle mass and visceral fat (fat located in and around the organs).

You will be asked a series of questions about your medical history, family medical history, allergies and/or intolerance's, occupation and current medications. You will set your own goals and book your follow-up consultation for 2-4 weeks' time.


Shortly after your initial consultation, Annabelle will build and send you a report. Annabelle will calculate your daily kilocalorie intake, showing you how many kilocalories and grams are required from 3 main macro-nutrients; Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat. Your dietary plan will contain a daily schedule of what to eat, how much to eat and at a specific time of day. The dietary plan lists your planned exercise regime in any single week, with easy instructions on what to do to achieve optimal sports nutrition.

A personalised diet plan will be specifically created for your requirements incorporating your goals and activity levels. For example, if you're exercising at 5:30pm (after work), your diet plan will show you at exactly what time you need to eat a specific combination of protein and carbohydrate food sources. This will encourage you to learn about sports nutrition for everyday life.

Athlete's can ask for Sport's Nutrition coaching to compliment their diet plan and report.

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All prices above will be charged before any consultations or services have been provided. Full payment is required via cash or bank transfer for our records. Installments are offered for larger packages. Refunds will be granted as long as the service hasn't been delivered to the client. Services purchased as gifts can be exchanged on any other service.

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